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RMN takes pride of 18 years’ successful business co-operation with first class international hearing aid, audiology and medical companies in Iran healthcare market. RMN has always endeavored to present the latest innovative hearing aid, audiology and medical solutions to enhance the quality of life to continually improve healthcare in all parts of Iran. We work hard to track the highest standards of quality in the selection of our products. We at RMN will always strive to improve our operations while maintaining flexibility to adapt to changing market trends and to seize new opportunities which are the seeds of growth. Aware of the new demands of the Iran healthcare market, RMN is currently exclusive distributor or partner of below international well-known medical companies in Iran market.

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    RMN Co. is a pioneer in supplying Rehabilitation Devices

With 2 strategically located head offices in Tehran we cover the most densely populated cities of Iran. RMN has also established a chain of offices across tier one cities in Iran to cover main provinces. These offices covering the most diverse ethnic population and providing technical and sales support to our 400 distribution centers in all parts of Iran. In RMN we ensure the highest sales, training, installation, technical and aftersales services. Customers and consumer’s satisfaction are of our great interest and we constantly strive to ensure maximum audiology and medical professionals and End-Users satisfaction reached and maintained.

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