News and Events

Exhibition, workshops and relations with hearing professionals, audiologists and distributors

We have been participating in medical exhibitions and meetings since the very foundation. RMN annually takes part in Iranian international exhibitions and forums like Iran audiology congress, Iran ENT congress, Iran Health exhibition, ...

We have met huge amount of professionals and End-Users who share our goals and principles and make their contribution to our collective work. Their experience and opinion are important for us. We try to communicate with audiologists, hearing and medical professionals, our dealers and users as much as possible. RMN distributors, Audiologists, Audiology students and hearing and medical professionals take part in RMN Workshops that is organized during Medical and Audiology exhibitions, seminars, tradeshows, Since 2013 we organize monthly workshops and webinars where our specialists show how to use our internationals partners’ products and answer questions of hearing and medical professionals, audiologists, Audiology students, governmental customers.

Our distributors also participate in regional exhibitions and organize workshops for end users by themselves by support of RMN team.

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